Cheese Class
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Artisan Cheese Making Classes

Our classes teach the technique for making cheese from goat & cows milk.
We create cheese from both milks in their raw form.

Our Artisan Cheese making class allows you to make three kinds of cheese over the two-day course (5 hrs first day - 2 hrs second day).  We will make a Chevre or Feta, a pressed cheese such as an Asiago or Cheddar and a Ricotta.

The art of creating cheese is becoming a lost technique.
Just over 100 years ago, most small farms and cottages all created their style of cheese.  With the population increase, factories create cheese on a massive scale adding chemicals to force a curd and add oil and preservatives to the milk, losing the beautiful technique and flavor of the Artisan Cheese.

We do not use any chemical starters or inoculants. We make cheese the way it was created 500 years ago.  We have our own hives and add honey to every cheese we make which is a natural antibacterial. We use our own natural wax from our bees.  Marcia has a Clabber Mesophilic starter that she has been renewing and aging for over five years. It is incredibly smooth tasting and creates amazing cheeses.

Master Chef Marcia, has been making cheeses for nearly a decade with our own Goat milk and Cow milk sourced from a nearby organic raw dairy.  She has found that she loves introducing guests to the lost art of cheese making, in hopes that they will blossom into home cheese makers creating many more wonderful cheeses..

  •  You will learn how to make your own Clabber- which will be your Mesophilic starter for many cool temp cheeses.
  •  You will learn sterilization, and the handling of tools used for the cheese making.
  •  Learn about Thermophilic starter for your harder cheese that is cultured at a higher temperature.
  •  She will discuss the types of rennet.  We only use goat rennet (that we have produced).
  •  Learn the differences between, homogenization, pasteurization and raw milk.
  •  You will learn about curd/whey temperature/ripening times that enhance the flavors & textures of cheeses.
  •  Learn the differences between a soft cheese, pressed cheese and heavy aged cheese.  See fermenting cave and cheeses that are aged up to 9 years.
  •  Understanding finishing cheese with brine wash, lard, bandaging, waxing, wines or beer.

Classes on the Farm/Inn are private and are limited to either a couple, a family (16 yrs and above) or a group of friends.  Limited to 6 pupils per class.  This allows each student to fully participate in each step of the cheese process.  Workshops are scheduled directly with Marcia and are offered M-Th.  She accepts one class per month.  You will need to make a reservation at the Inn for a minimum of one night (2 is highly recommended ). The cheese course begins early and continues the next day to allow students to ripen their cheese and experience the entire process.

A fantastic melange of delicacies in a charcuterie style lunch with wine is served at the end of first day of class (1:30).

Be sure and give a treat to our sweet and friendly Nubian and Nigerian Dairy Goats!
(treats are provided to guests for the goats and chickens)

Each person gets to take home two 8oz containers of cheese you made.  You will add your flavors on the second day after you have gone out into the farm and have gathered and then dried the fruits or vegetables you choose for your flavoring.

2 Day Cheese course for two students: $899 (not per person)
2 Day Course for 3rd-6th participant is additional: $229 (per person)
Rates do not include the room rate or dinner at the Inn.