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Elm Creek Manor

Farm-to-Table Getaway

The Land of Milk and Honey

The idea of our culinary dream started 20 years ago when we opened the Inn with cattle and a garden and has become an evolution of expansion and innovation. We are inspired by an endless pursuit to accomplish dining perfection with wholesomely grown foods. As one of the most inclusive Farm to Table Inns in the country, producing our food is our way of life.

The "Elm Creek System" is a symbiotic relationship between animals, plants, and humans. We raise dairy goats, chickens, rabbits, tilapia, pigs, and cattle. We have extensive gardens, greenhouses, and an onsite Aquaponic greenhouse, we handmake Artisan Cheeses from our milk and keep bees for fresh honey, and utilize the wax for our cheeses.  We raise the food for our guests and in turn, we feed the raw vegetable and fruit scraps to the pigs, goats, and chickens. We are committed to having very little waste and love this relationship between humans and the animal and plant world around us.

Foodies are our kind of people! Our gardens, bees, and animals provide all the nourishing bounty we need.

Our Farm to Table Cuisine is an expression that exemplifies the purity of our food. We have raised heritage crops for years. We do not grow any crop that has been genetically altered. We are pesticide-free and use only real organic farming with not only our crops and dairy products but all of our animals as well. 

Gourmet Dining

We serve either a three-course casual or five-course gourmet menu (limited dates), on Saturday nights that are entirely determined by what is freshly harvested and seasonally available (guests pre-select their chosen entree prior to arrival). We offer our casual dinner trays on Thursday and Friday nights, our Chef's Gourmet Charcuterie trays 6 days a week, and of course, a full hot breakfast is delivered each morning.

We can say a lot, but the proof, as they say, is in the pudding. When you taste an egg gathered that morning, lightly whipped and perfectly folded with a dollop of fresh chevre and accompanied with a delicious blueberry puff pastry, Brad's homemade sausage, and our fresh fruit, you will love and understand our level of food perfection. We strive to prove that we are not just about theory, but rather about producing perfect, delicious food.

If you wish, your experience may include a walk through the gardens or observing the functions of the aquaponic greenhouse, helping collect vegetables, gathering the eggs, or even assisting in milking to provide you with the ultimate farm to table experience.

Whole Organic Foods

We love that our guests arrive anticipating all of our organic foods. These include our meats, milk, eggs, cheeses, honey, fresh farm vegetables, and fruits. It is a task that most cannot or will not do, but we are built around that challenge.

We were selected three times by (now part of Expedia) as one of the top 10 culinary Inn experiences in the world, by their secret culinary traveler, (out of 10,000 inns) and Best Farm to Table Inn!

Come, Let the Experience Begin.......

Elm Creek Manor

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